Flexible textile solutions for equestrian surfaces

Our company produces different types of textile additives

Mixed with the suitable sand, our products provide the perfect solution for your horses

Using Flextil decreases the chance of sustaining injuries and enables to keep your horses healthy

Flextile is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

Our aim is to help professional footing builders and individual clients upgrade their arenas, this is why we also sell small quantities.
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A solution for improving the riding surface at an affordable price.

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About us

The demand for quality riding tracks is increasing.
FlexTIL was created to meet market demand.
Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, FlexTIL is at the forefront of the production of textile shreds.

High quality is guaranteed
at an affordable price!

The synthetic textile aggregate produced by FlexTIL as an additive contributes to the excellent quality of the tread layer of riding tracks.


Flextil Premium

FlexTIL – premium

0,6 € / kg + 27% VAT

Flextil Color

FlexTIL – color

0,3 € / kg + 27% VAT

Flextil Beige

FlexTIL – beige

0,4 € / kg + 27% VAT

Flextil Green

FlexTIL – green

0,4 € / kg + 27% VAT

Flextil Brown

FlexTIL – brown

0,4 € / kg + 27% VAT

Flextil Pink

FlexTIL – pink

0,5 € / kg + 27% VAT

Our prices are valid from May 1, 2023 until withdrawn

It is also available in individual colors.

It doesn't decay, it doesn't rot

100% synthetic material.

Free of metal and plastic parts.*


  • In 450 kg big bags.
  • Our site is located in Székesfehérvár.

Update your stable's soil with FlexTIL:

  • for uniform, flexible soil
  • puddles and mud stains disappear
  • less dust in dry weather
  • excellent water absorption capacity
  • simple track maintenance

* the product may contain
<1% foreign matter

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Városkapu Üzletház HRSZ 622/1
Tax Number: 14119888-2-07
Company Number: 07-09-013750

New product!

FlexTIL - premium

Flextil Premium